Personalized Phone Case Star Wars

I know you were able to do this in Launch Bay Cargo at one time. Now that it is closed, did this move into Batuu somewhere? Seems like the gift shop at SM in MK did as well but it was closed when we were there last month. Anyone know? TIA

I do remember the Marketplace co-op at DS doing it too. But not sure it is in a park anymore.

I just got a custom phone case from Marketplace co-op last week because I couldn’t find the design premade anywhere for my phone. I’m unaware of anything in the parks right now, I was directed to the co-op by a CM while in HS.

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Have you checked Casetify??

I have. Good idea for sure. My soon to be 8yo DD is thinking she wants a Grogu with some aurebesh.

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:laughing: this is my old phone case and I wanted Grogu again, after I got a new phone.

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My DD8 got one similar to that in the World of Disney store a year or so ago. Hers was black around the edges but similar graphics. I like that one!

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There’s a customization machine in MK in the circus gift shop by the circus pals meet and greet.


That is good info. Never would’ve thought about that location. We are there in June so the kids would love some water time there too. Good thoughts!