Personalized 2 Day Touring Plan

Since it doesn’t appear that I can create a 2 day personalized plan for MK, I’ve been copying different 2 day plans, plugging in my FP+, breaks and meals. What are your recommendations for adding in additional attractions to maximize efficiency? How do you decide which day to add those attractions to? In other words, I don’t care which day we do any attractions, with the exception of our FP+.

Location to what you know you’ll be doing on a particular day?

We are mostly sticking to different lands on different days. All of Fantasyland(s) on one day (or most of it…may not get to PP AND 7DMT on the same day, etc.), Frontierland and Liberty Square on a different day, etc. I’ll have things toward the end of the day maybe in a different area of the park, but trying to stick to the same area of the park, generally speaking. I’m also traveling with young kids and no stroller and grandparents in their late 60s or early 70s, so don’t want to be running all over the park.

I know that some people will run all over the park to minimize time waiting in line…I’d rather us spend that time waiting in a line than crossing the park, as long as we’re not missing out on tons of attractions that day. If we ride two less rides in a day because we stayed in kinda the same area…that’s ok with me.


Many people who do this sort of thing like to break the days down by land in order to minimize walking. I think that an important thing to consider is to have a balance between attractions that will greatly benefit from FPP, low/moderate wait attractions, shows (good for relaxing/recuperating), and diversions. Overall your plans will work better if they both have a good balance.


For our plans, we did try to accomplish most rides in the Land that we were in that day, and we might spread out a bit to adjacent lands if time allowed. We also fit in specific items along Main Street during days where we had extra space - ie, doing the meet & greets at Town Hall, or stopping at the Fire House for SotMK cards, or even deliberately planning a brief shopping break or snack item. I also thought about which rides my family might be most interested in riding multiple times, and we added that in to most days even if it wasn’t adjacent - for example, we rode Haunted Mansion every MK day because we all love it! My group as a group of 5 adults, 5 kids and 2 strollers, so minimizing walking was important to us.

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We have Big thunder, Splash and Buzz Lightyear on one day (I know I’m splitting Frontierland and Tomorrowland, but that’s just how things fell). Lunch @ BOG. The other day we have all Fantasyland: SDMT, Peter Pan and Under the Sea. Lunch @ CRT.

Can still make changes, but don’t know what I’ll find.

Thanks. I’ll try and focus on Frontierland (FP for Big Thunder and Splash) and some Tomorrowland (FP for Buzz Lightyear) Day 1. All FP+ are in Fantasyland for Day 2.

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