Personalized 1.5 day plan

Just diving in on all this so I apologize if I’ve missed this info elsewhere. Is there a way to create a 1.5 day personalized plan? Planning to go to MK for EMH right after arrival in Orlando. Hoping to be at the park from 6-9pm. Then we’ll return the next day for a full day in MK. Can I put this all in one plan or do I need 2 different plans. If I need 2 plans, is it best to just pick a world or 2 to focus on during EMH and leave the rest of the next day. I’ll be with a 6 year old so minimizing walking that late in the day would be huge!

You need to make two plans, as the system can only work with one day at a time.

For the first half-day, I would first focus on EMH attractions that usually have longer lines during the day and see how much walking that would entail, and then adjust accordingly.