Personalised plans outside fastpass window

I am a bit bemused that when I optimise my plans the results are saying use my saved fastpass but outside the hour window, ie fast pass 9.05-10.05 but plan says go to attraction at 10.15! I know that you can have a little leeway but that is cutting it way too fine.

whoops, error, not sure why it got logged as Disneyland, it is WDW

I always rejig either my plan or my FP when that happens, I’m not risking missing it altogether. It’s a 15 min grace period but if you’re already planning to be 10 mins late and you need the loo on the way, you’re probably missing it.

There is an option to force the Optimiser to use your FP times. Have you got that checked?

It counts it as using them as long as it’s within the grace period.

Yes, it does this to me too and I’m not willing to cut it that close. My experience has been that we typically need more time in our plans that what touring plans allow, so planning it that late would mean missing it for us likely.

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Use the force fast pass option just change the time of the fast pass on the TP by 10 min or so.

Oh that’s a good idea.