Personal vehicle or bus to early Be Our Guest breakfast reservation?

First time at Magic Kingdom, please bear with me and thanks in advance :slight_smile:

We have an 8:25 AM reservation for breakfast at Be Our Guest on Tuesday, a couple of questions:
a) Should we take personal vehicle or ride a bus from Caribbean Beach? We drove ourselves to Hollywood Studios today and really enjoyed it but I’ve heard mixed reviews on doing this for Magic Kingdom. Why would it be a good or bad idea?

b) What time should we leave the resort and when is the earliest they will let us in to BOG? Hoping to get in line for 7 Dwarfs a little bit early after breakfast if possible since we pre-ordered our food.


If you drive you will have to park at TTC, then either take the ferry or monorail to MK. That’s why most people suggest taking Disney transportation “bus”.it let’s you off a short distance from the front gate. 5-10 min walk max. Not sure when they would let you into BOG.Would plan on leaving CBR, a minimum of about 1 1/2hrs before reservation. Just to be safe.Enjoy! !!

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We drove from BC in May and it was awesome - had a super close spot at TTC, enjoyed the ride across, and then were able to seamlessly park hop to a waterpark after leaving a few hours later. Loved having a car at WDW, although we’ve taken the bus from AoA before for BOG breakfast.