Persistence pays off


Just wanted to give a little hope to those of you out there trying to score ADRs. Last night (around 10:45 Eastern time) I got a pre-RD CP for 5 at 8:05 on our first MK day in December. I hadn't seen anything earlier than about 9:30 AM since I started checking.

So keep trying at random times -- you never know when someone will cancel a reservation.


Congrats! We got BoG for dinner in similar fashion last spring. My mother, our travel agent and I were all calling at least 1x/d each. You never know when the magic will happen!


I agree. Back when Le Cell was the "hot ticket" that was almost impossible to get I tried several times a day for 3 months. I finally got an ADR 2 weeks before my trip...


You have a TA that calls daily for ADRs?!?!? Who is this?!?


Haha, she's been our TA since I was about 10 (I'm 26), she does it as a favor to my Momma. My parents book 2-3 vacays a year through her, and she goes above and beyond for us as a result.


Congratulations! We finally scored a Chef Mickeys ADR for this trip. It's not my favorite and my kids were begging. It's such a great feeling!


A good TA would be happy to do that for their client! smile


Persistence usually pays off. Congratulations!


It pays to be persistent for sure! I would have given up if I hadn't read about just being persistent and keep calling. We ended up with breakfast with Cinderella at 805 on our first day at MK and reservations for BOG for dinner that same day!


Thanks for this thread. I'm trying each day to get an A&E FP for our Oct trip. A second 7DMT did open for the trip so it can happen! But thanks for giving hope! smile


Me too. We got a Chef Mickeys ADR a couple days ago and our trip is in about 90 days. I keep checking for BOG but no luck so far. But I will keep trying!


Thanks for the encouragement! I've never had this hard of a time scoring pre-RD Crystal Palace in September. I check lots. Seriously - too much. lol


No such thing as too much! You never know when it'll be available!


I've checked at least 5 times since I posted this an hour ago. LOL smiley


A woman after my own heart!


They should give it to you just for your name, @jennythepooh!


THANK YOU!!! I agree!! LOL


It really does. I was able to get CRT, 'Ohana, Le Cellier, and CM for my September trip, all within the last hour.


Wow. Nicely done!!


Thanks! That DVC search tool is a life saver smile