Persistence paid off

Learned from liners to be persistent. Wanted reservation for two for Dining with an Imagineer. A month ago I found a spot for 1- grabbed and was going to have DS go. He didn’t really want to go alone so last week (a week out) I dropped.

Yesterday 7 days out from our last day someone dropped a reservation so we can both go-to worked out for our plans that day. I checked a couple times daily since June. Hard since reservation finder doesn’t work for this - unless I missed how to do this reservation.

So keep looking for reservations. The reservation finder worked great this week for finding a later Garden Grill for tomorrow night!


Congrats on getting your reservation!


That will be wonderful!

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Been trying for SciFi or 50s for about 4 months. Unfortunately fam decided to go to Disney after the 180 window. And with popularity of the new TSL & that are 9 of us this trip, it’s been no luck at all yet.

I’ ve split the search in half, 5 and 4 guests. Also request has been on Reservation Finder these months. I did get SciFi for 2pm for 5, though we wanted dinner.

I’m hoping the ResFinder can come through for the other 4 for SciFi for a late lunch. Day we’re looking for is October 6.

I hesitate to go to 50s instead, since there’ve been no hijinks last 3 times we were there. If 50s is our only option, I’m wondering if it would make a difference if I asked CM b4 seating, if we could have the funny stuff at the table.

It certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Hang in there with the RF for SciFi. I feel like the closer your date gets, the chances of a reservation coming through increases. I guess people wait until the last few days to finalize plans. We had a SciFi reservation for 5 come through 3 days before our trip last month. And it was at 6:30! So perfect.

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