Perplexing conundrum — now featuring trip report 🤩

I had to go “ingognito” to buy an AP for my daugter and two tickets to a Halloween party. Literally everytime I clicked “checkout” when buying either, it just refreshed the page.

It is really absurd. I cannot think of any other company that makes you do a secret work around to give it $1770 plus tax.


Of course he was!


Well, you are the expert on being dumb.


I never access the Disney website, consumer or TA side, outside of incognito mode. It just doesn’t work.


Same. DVC site too.

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I haven’t looked at the fine print, but would this work for your trip @sanstitre_has_left_the_building? Summer Ticket Special Offer - #5 by WildernessLodger


I was just there three weeks ago and only a handful of the statues in MK and EPCOT reacted to my band.

Mostly I just looked like a crazy person waving my arm in front of them.

The band did light up in some of the rides (really cool, yes, I’m nearly 50).
It also lit up during the fireworks shows.


My useless TA, @JuliaMc, did mention it. Initially I was filled with anxiety and rage, as I bought my two-day base tickets yesterday.

But this was the first real test of my commitment to what this trip is supposed to be about. Those tickets would give me two days of day-time access to two parks that I am already visiting. Hot, humid, day-time access. Eww.

And I’m trying to keep costs down. If I do give more money to Disney it will be to add park hopping to my day tickets. I’m still worried about what I’m going to do in MK for an entire day.


Be People & be moved (multiple times at different times of day & night)
Ride the Train in a full loop (do they call it the Grand Circle Tour in WDW like they do in DLR?)
Ride the Liberty Bell
Walkthrough/explore Tom Sawyer Island
Wander Main Street shops
Mickey’s Philharmagic
Time 7DMT w/ fireworks

I’m sure there’s more I’m not thinking of. But now I really, really miss MK. Thanks.


Oh hush. After you yelled at me you then realized you can’t even buy the tickets until the 23rd, giving you a week to decide if you want to switch or not.

Of course I am against you switching. Why?

Because you said you wanted a chilled out trip and to see resorts and things and if you have a 4-day ticket you will push yourself in the parks and miss the wandering you so claim to desire.

So I’m retrospect, I am a GOOD travel agent, as I am holding your feet to the fire a bit here. Duh.

That said, IF he changes his mind of course I will be up at 4am to call on Tuesday to make the changes.


Buy your friend Valerie something cute.


CoP. Duh, it’s air conditioned.


:joy: :joy: :joy:

Very good idea! But you must share a photo when this happens.


Oh, duh! I’d also personally do CBJ & HoP but I didn’t include either of those on purpose since I was sure they weren’t quite up his alley. But CoP may/might? just be. I know it’s top of my list next time I’m in Tomorrowland (have never been & keep just missing it).


I find HOP very moving and enjoy it. I like COP, too. CBJ not so much.


takes note

The only reason I enjoy the nostalgia of CBJ is because it one of my only memories of my first trip to DLR when I was a barely older than a tot & since they turned DLR’s CBJ into a ride (Winnie the Pooh), the only place I can revisit that nostalgia is when I make the trek to WDW.


Here you go. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That is a darling gift. :blush:


Now, don’t tell @juliamc, but I have been sketching out ideas for the non-park portions of my days. (I told her there would be no planning. But this isn’t scheduling. Just ideas for what to do during the day.)

There will be two, and maybe three, WDW days where I don’t go to the parks till later (two After Hours days, when I get access at 7pm, and one MK day where I won’t be in a rush to get there early, not least because of the very late night before, and it’s my least favourite park in terms of rides).

Idea 1: Disney Springs and OKW, SS, POR and POFQ. Bus from ASMu to DS, early lunch at DS, explore, boat to resorts, explore. Bus from resort to After Hours or MK.

Idea 2: Monorail resort tour and CSR. Bus from ASMu to MK, walk to CR, breakfast at S71, monorail to other resorts. Monorail to EP, bus to CSR, eat at 3B, bus to After Hours or MK

Idea 3: Skyliner resort tour. Bus from ASMu to HS. Skyliner to CBR, RR, BC, YC, BW, S&D. Breakfast at one of those, maybe YC as it’s the cheapest. Walk to After Hours (or bus to MK, but that seems dumb).

I guess the MK one should be the shortest one, as I can arrive there whenever I want.


You tagged me silly :roll_eyes: