Perks of Club Level

The family and I are staying in a club level room for the first time in September. I have already taken advantage of the itinerary planning office (IPO) to make all my ADRs and take care of my event reservations. My question is, is there any other perk that I should be taking advantage of at this point? If I’m not missing anything, it seems like any other benefits will happen once we arrive. As usual, I appreciate any help that anyone can give me.

Mainly right now it is just planning. Dining, Events you want to see, tours, anything like that. Questions you might have. They are so helpful when you arrive. We had a few problems but they were ironed out with the club level :slight_smile: Which hotel are you staying? We stayed Poly in Feb. :slight_smile:

I’m staying at the Poly Club in June. Can you make any room suggestions?

We’re staying at the Poly as well!

I wanted on the lagoon side but we just stayed base level. I lived the 3rd floor of magic kingdom view standard room. I enjoyed the lounge. If you stay garden then I would say to stay on the 3rd floor balcony but you would be towards the pool area. Instead of lagoon.

Take advantage of breakfast , snacks, etc once you are there. Saves lots of time and you avoid buying some meals at the parks. We’ve stayed club at YC and BC and often used it for “dinner”

Not sure why this isn’t talked about more, but you can drink all the beer and wine you want. They also have liquor too! If you are a younger couple and like to have some drinks and stay out late…this can save LOTS of $$!! We would go back over and over and get beers!

This is one of those things I’ve been really looking forward to. Although, on another club level thread, someone had mentioned how she saw the CMs say no to a guest when it came to a special request. My understanding is that for beer during the day you have to ask. I’m hoping we don’t have any problems.

yea i think it’s during the evening hours…but noone says you cant relocate them to your fridge : )

That’s what I’m wondering about. Since it’s supposed to be a night time thing, I guess it’s a special request to have them get it for me in the afternoon. I just wonder how open they will be. In my mind for what we’re paying there’s not a lot that they should say no to.

There are very few CL balcony rooms that do not have trees blocking the view. I believe this was room 3529

At the Poly I heard many people ask for beer and it was never an issue. They always went and got it right away. Funny thing was I did post in the other thread- they refused to get celery of any vegetables on request- only available at 5:00.