I am currently in line to get on the Peoplemover. Why is there a line? What is going on? I wasn’t even aware of the Peoplemover having a line outside of the holidays. I am completely baffled and unsettled by this.


Best ride in the park! The word got out.


Several YouTube bloggers have put the word out that is a great attraction.

I still love the ride, just not the wait. Also the Wedway name. Also, get off my lawn.


How long is the line?

The same thing happened to the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. It NEVER used to have a line in the 90s and early 2000s. Then it started getting a rebirth and cult status, and now it routinely has some of the longest lines in the park, especially with the holiday overlay.

I’m still waiting for the Tiki Room renaissance. It’s my favorite air conditioned spot to enjoy a dole whip.

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The line seems long but the reality is that it is only about 5 minutes or less since it just keeps moving along.

When I was there, there was a problem with the ramp and they were limiting the people that could go up at once which was creating a back up.

It was probably broken down :rofl:

It’s the one ride we’ve been evacuated off of and we’ve been evacuated off of it twice! DS now calls it the PeopleStopper.

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Probably a combination of it being more popular, the loading ramp breaking, etc. Only took 40+ years for people to discover the greatness of the ride.

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Yeah they’ve been keeping fewer people on the moving ramp. Also some of the cars are out of service, with orange cones in them. Line moves quickly though.

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This makes me sad. While there are lots of rides I love…to me, it isn’t a Disney trip without a ride on the PeopleMover. It is quite possibly my favorite ride in all of Disney, despite the simplicity of it.

But to let it deteriorate? :cry:

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I’m sure they’ll do a refurb soon. You can still ride it for now :slight_smile:

Hopefully not from May 10 through May 18. :slight_smile:

Aren’t they currently doing a refurb? Sort of.

Actually, I have a suspicion that once Tron opens and they do whatever massive refurbishment they plan for Space Mountain (according to rumor), that they will refurbish PeopleMover at the same time.

My last 2 trips the line has been over 30 min. So I have not gone because they won’t let ECVs in the line and I can’t stand that long.

My daughter that stayed with me during MVMCP and I went on it close to midnight the Friday before Thanksgiving. Once all 4 of us got back in the park though, the line was (at times) over an hour. Of course, that was because it was so crowded that people were getting in line to go on Peoplemover so they could feel like they were actually doing something. Never in my life do I want (or need) to go back when it is that crowded.