PeopleMover problems?

I believe Jim Hill was guessing we were 2 years out on Splash shutting down for the reimagining. For one, they definitely want Splash open for the 50th next year plus given their financial hits they do not want to rush into another expensive project just now. We should have a good long time to get in those last rides on Splash I’d expect…

Hopefully both will still be there, but I’m not too optimistic. I likely won’t get back now until 2021-2022 because of COVID. Borders still closed. Numbers in Florida are insane and there are too many vulnerable people in my family that I don’t want to infect if I catch it. The Disney bubble seems fairly safe, but I still need to get there. A 24 hour drive does not sound appealing with young kids, but neither does flying right now. I’ve been watching the videos of re-opening and it looks glorious with so few people in the parks. Wish I lived closer.

Spoke to cast members outside the ride yesterday. They stated it might be back up and running by the end of the week.


That’s good news! Hope it pans out!

We’re going back to MK on Saturday… Hoping it’s running! Will update.

Just saw this article:

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Too bad for anyone who might miss out on riding, but I’m happy if they’re committed to getting it back to fully operational


True. Should be back by December I figure. Sad it won’t be running for August though.

After going on the PeopleMover in Feb in WDW, I mourn the loss of the PM in Disneyland. Such a solid, relaxing ride in a land that can seem stagnant (besides AO) with all the rides indoors.


PeopleMover reopening has been pushed back again, now from Nov. 21 to Nov. 28.


I am getting nervous. If it gets pushed back much more, we risk not getting to ride it.


This is too close for comfort! I love People Mover. We ride at least twice per MK day. Its a nice break from the walking and the journey is actually pretty awesome!

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Noooooo!!! That’s awful!!! Seriously. Uff. That hurts my heart so much.