PeopleMover problems?

I have noticed in all the preview days, TTA PeopleMover hasn’t been running. In a live stream, the blogger asked a cast member, who said it should be back up and running. But it never had opened.

Today, it isn’t even listed in the ride wait times, whereas before it was just saying temporarily closed. Makes me nervous. Wonder what the problem is!

It was struggling before the shutdown.

I hope it gets going


Yeah. Me, too. Otherwise I will have to cancel our trip.

(Okay. I love PM… but not THAT much!)


thinking the same thing. We ride it at least twice a park visit! I may ask for a refund if its not open!

P!ease please pllleeeaaasseeeeee be okay peoplemover.


before my youngest DS turned into thrill ride only seeker the PM and Race Cars were his things :two_hearts:. One spring break we did a road trip, just he (10) and I cuz DH couldn’t get leave and we did a 3 day at WDW. I sat in the bleachers of the race cars and he just rode, got in line, rode etc… I think I sat there for 2 hours. It was probably one of our best trips cuz he didn’t have anyone else to compete w/ or have to go along w/ other choices. I let him choose all the rides. Now, years later on another spring break trip he (16) didn’t return the favor when I wanted to see the princesses :frowning: :rofl:


You can see the princess and he can get on a nearby ride and set a meeting point. You both get what you want

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Still no PeopleMover listed in the wait times. Seems like they took it out entirely for the time being.

Has anyone seen any reports as to what the issue is? Maybe they have to get some special parts.

I will be sad if it isn’t open for our trip, so really hoping it is something they can fix soon!

There was speculation on that they have not fixed whatever caused the fire pre-shutdown. I think it might have been the ramp?? There were reports it was running but without people. I think this was mentioned by Len or Steve in their day 1 trip report.

Yes…it was running briefly without guests, although most of the day it was not running. It was also listed in the Wait Times as “temporarily closed” the entire time. But then, on official opening day (not preview days), I noticed it is now missing entirely from the wait times. (I don’t know if it went missing in the day or two prior to that…only that initially it was there during the early preview days, and official opening days it is now gone.)

I know I’ve been there in the past when they have had the ride open, but the ramp was not running…you had to walk up it. So if there is a problem with the ramp, I would expect them to just make it walk-up. Then again, if it is the ramp, and they still aren’t allowing guests, that would suggest they are actively working to fix it, which would be reassuring.

I had the same thoughts having had to walk up the ramp in previous years. The only think I could think of is the touch point of the hand rail. If operational it’s much more simple to disinfect.

how can the people mover possibly run without people? Are we in a parallel dimension?


Peoplemover is in Tomorrow Land. Have you seen that awful movie?

Still no PeopleMover, and I haven’t seen any reported statements or rumors as to the reason. :confused:

Yes. Saw it…and I thought the concept had potential. Execution was quite awful. Like, for example, the rocket Eiffel Tower scene, in particular, was just crazy.

they officially have 31 days to fix it or I will be seriously upset when I go!

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Correction. 18 days. :slight_smile:


Wrong. As usual.

92 days. Should be plenty.

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First trip with my kids in January of this year. We didn’t do everything because we planned to go back later in the year. Now they will never experience so many things that have closed in the last six months, including possibly one of my favourite rides Splash. Pirate makeovers. No Rivers of Light. Possibly no SE.

Possibly…but remember Disney hasn’t yet announced a timeframe for the work to start, so you might be good. (Although, it does seem reasonable that they would do the work over the winter.) I thought I remember hearing that they planned to do Disneyland’s first, though don’t quote me on that.

SE refurb has been shelved indefinitely. So I think you’re safe there.