People Mover

What do you like/dislike about riding it. I have never rode it.

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I'm a big fan. Love that there's never a wait, it takes me through some of my fav attractions in Tomorrowland, it's longish so a nice break from walking around, etc. Always a must do on my trips

I love that it is almost just like I remember it from childhood trips in the early 80s, and it's peaceful -- a nice break -- and feels kind of goofy. What I ++don"t++ like is that it constantly gets stuck, and my kids hate when it gets stuck in the dark parts... But maybe the refurb will help with that.

Just love it, its peaceful and relaxing.? Its a great escape from the hustle and bustle at times.

It is a great break. Nothing shaking you about, You can put your feel up. It is one of those rides when you kids are small, they may fall asleep on, rarely do you have to get off if you want another go at it. It is a part of Walts dream and a nice way to remember him. It fits the retro sci fi theme of tomorrowland.

It is one of my favorites, one that I look forward to riding everytime. Oh and it is also a nice way to pass the time while waiting for you fast pass window to open up. LOL.

Also one of my family's favorites. Kids love seeing a different view of the attractions and I love the relaxation and nostalgia. Also, good view of the hub & pretty castle views.

No wait. A nice long rest with a nice breeze. Gives you a totally different perspective on favorite actually.

This became a favorite ride for our daughter around age 5. It totally cracked us up, and will forever be even more nostalgic for us!

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We are another family that love it. It's a great ride to sit down catch your breath and enjoy the sights. And you don't have to wait to do it.

Usually ride at least twice a trip for all reasons mentioned above. This last trip we road while SM was down, it was really cool to see inside SM with all the lights on.

It is a favorite ride of our family. We love to just sit back and relax. There is always a cool breeze and a break from the hustle and bustle.

So funny, first time riding it was last year and I must admit I love it. At night, you get to look out at the lights, it brings you through space mountain, I finally understood Mr. Tom Morrow's name....magical!

We love it! It's a nice relaxing break. We ride it multiple times each trip.

We love it too for all the reasons stated, but also the gentle rocking motion of the cars is very relaxing especially for little ones. DD at 20 months was a handful and it even relaxed her, for which I am ever grateful!!!

We haven't rode it but I'm really looking forward to riding it on our upcoming trip. It's sounds like it's right up my DH's alley....calm, peaceful, relaxing. He loved the Liberty Square Riverboat but my kids do not want to repeat that so hopefully this will be a good compromise.

We love it and it's a must do for us! So relaxing and the music and scenery... It's a tradition I guess! There's no wait, so I wouldn't over think it! smile

I LOVE People Mover!! It's a must do every trip. If you get lucky, you can see Space with the lights on.

WOW, thanks for all of your thoughts. I think we will ride it for the first time in November. From the ground it just looks boring. Now I have a different perspective.
Thank you.

I love Peoplemover! A nice relaxing ride, get to see views of the park with a nice breeze. Rarely ever a wait too.

Love it for all the reasons mentioned above... Just watch if you have little ones with you, it gets pretty dark in a few parts and they sneak up in you too! It's a do not miss for us every trip!

I absolutely love it. There is something about taking time to just sit and take in everything on it. It's a must do for every trip at least once.