People Mover to open 1/10/21 NOW 4/4

If leaving a heart could be ambiguous, letting you sleep in my room is way worse.

Hard no.



I know we’re all just joking around, but I have found AirBnB rooms in the area for $25 - $40 a night. (Even less if you don’t need a “private” room, but just a spare bed)

I debated a cheap trip, as I’m sure you probably remember, around last May doing just a long weekend as cheap as possible! If / when I get a Universal AP I’m going to be using AirBnB for a bunch of long weekends.

I really really hope it is!
I’ve really missed it the past 2 trips :frowning:


I bought my husband a shirt that says that for Christmas. LOL.

It’s moved to January 30


I think this will be an evergreen comment.

Ha ha! I’ll be there January 31. Should I count on it? :rofl:

No. :frowning:

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I’m so pissed about this!! I was soo close to riding the people mover glory again!! so close it hurts to see this!!

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Of course its been extended, I was excited because I have a park reservation at MK for the 10th. Guess I should have known

I keep wondering why. Why does the reopening keep being pushed back? Did they just not plan well? Or was there more wrong than they realized? Or are they deciding as they go along to just go ahead with additional changes, aside from what they originally intended? Maybe all of the above? I was getting worried it would never reopen…but then I don’t think they would invest all this time and energy into it up to this point only to decide to shut it down.

Could also be they are needing custom parts that are taking longer to produce than anticipated.

You pose some really good questions… I can’t imagine that they will permanently close it like the Skyway. At least you can believe it will be open by the time you return; since you aren’t planning a trip for a few more years again :wink:

Yes…although, prior to COVID, we were looking forward to our DS10 getting to ride BTMRR, since our trip in 2016 it was closed for refurbishment. Lo and behold, ahead our May trip, BTMRR was announced it would be closed for refurbishment again during our trip! Argh!

But, due to the COVID closures, fortunately that changed and it was open in August. Still, it makes me think that Disney could decide to refurbish PM again on the same dates we return in ~4 years. :smiley:

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shhhhhhh… don’t give them any ideas :wink:

Jan 14 2021
PM is moving, in short periods. No riders yet.


They were replacing all the magnetic linear induction motors along the track. I’m guessing there were issues with the manufacture of the parts. This is vintage 1970 technology, so yes custom parts definitely required. Whether they were being produced in-house or not I don’t know.

Since they are now testing then hopefully it can re-open soon. :crossed_fingers:

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Just feeling very upset that Disney didn’t open the peoplemover special for my trip. It better be open in April !!


Tomorrowland PeopleMover Refurbishment Extended Until March 2021 (

Guess i am not surprised after reports of it crashing into one another


oh dear… I had not seen the crash reports :wink:

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