People at Disney

I We just came home from Disney World on Saturday. I must say how nice most of the people were. Ourban grandson has OI and is best if he is not bumped around. On two occasions people game him a seat on the bus. One was a teenager girl from Kentucky on a class trip. She gave her seat to him no problem. The other time it was a young mother who let him sit by her son on the way back to the resort after fireworks one night. It is good to see that not everybody is out for me and only me. The cast members at the parks did everything to help him by letting him stay in a stroller in line. All we had to do was go to guest relations the first day have his picture taken and linked to our magic bands. As always there were a few rude people but they were few and far between. Once again Disney is the happiest place on earth.


I’m glad you had a great trip!

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We moved here to Central Florida two days before Christmas. I had left family back in Iowa and because everything was in storage we had nothing, no Christmas tree, no presents, I was just pitiful and sad. However, the people here made it Christmas for us. They are wonderful. We made friends faster than any place we have moved to. They certainly have Southern Hospitality mastered.