People are crazy

I don’t know if I can blame the people paying for the service.
Many of them probably would never commit to joining an online community just to plan a vacation and see these “concierges” as no different than hiring a travel agent to get them the best possible deal of hotel, flight, etc.


Yeah, that’s true. Since I’ve been here, I forget what it was like to be a casual WDW vacationer that’s not always up to speed on every detail. ‘Blame’ might be too strong. I guess this is an inevitable situation.


@ninjasherrie, you totally tricked me into thinking this was a @mousematt thread by the title. :rofl:


There are lots of people who think it’s crazy to invest the kind of time us Liners do to optimize their vacation, when you could just throw money at it and have someone else plan it for you. Money vs time is probably one of the most common trade offs in life, not just vacation planning. When faced with a complex system and limited supply…money is often the simpler/smarter solution for a whole lot of people, especially those that can afford a trip to Disney in the first place!


And in the end, I think it falls back on WDW.
Not sure what the solution is, but they’ve created the perception that HS has a must-do headliner that significantly lacks capacity.

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I’m betting they will. It has done wonders for crowd control at rope drop. It’s good for safety and improves the guest experience.


I mean…they’re not wrong! (must-do headliner with limited capacity)

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teach! kiddo is in economics so you hit a lot of the buzz words from his class I keep hearing. LOL

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Disney doesn’t want anyone making money if they aren’t making money. Bottom line. :smirk:


And you have to have tapped in to HS before 1pm. You don’t have to be physically IN the park at that time though

What fun would that be??? :wink: We Liners moan and groan about this, but deep down - this is the stuff we love.


So basically, they could just fix this by having the 7 AM drop available only to people staying on site.

[Ducks under desk to hide from Florida residents with pitchforks]


Nah. My title would have been “Why are people such morons. I hate them all.”


Which is just a sneakier way of charging for it :slight_smile:

ETA: and exactly what the FP tiers do (60 days onsite vs 30 days off)


As to the substance of the thread, my very important opinions are these.

  1. Disney has messed up ROTR from day one.
  2. I do think that people staying on-property should have some kind of advantage when it comes to getting on to ROTR. They’re paying top-dollar for something.
  3. Why is Disney leaving money on the table? People will pay to ride ROTR, no question about it. Why not have SWGE After Dark at $150 a ticket for an hour and a half in SWGE, including one guaranteed ROTR and one guaranteed MFSR and some free food and free green milk.
  4. I don’t know how the $75 thing works, but it might involve humans actually getting your boarding pass for you, in which case I’m not sure Disney can say anything about it.
  5. People pay massive amounts of cash to visit WDW and for many it may be a once in a decade thing. To not be able to ride ROTR could be a real disappointment. Throwing another $75 into the pot makes absolute sense to me. If Disney doesn’t like it, see #3.

I thought exactly the same thing! :joy:

But for us it’s kind of fun so not a true money vs. time comparison. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t do it.

Okay, true. This is a much more realistic @mousematt thread title.


I’m not sure how this would work, unless the person actually accompanied you on your trip into the parks. The DAS holder has to be present and RIDE whatever ride they’ve activated their DAS. I couldn’t rent my DAS to anyone b/c when they scan my MB they have a pic of my face; unless they didn’t do that in the past?

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Yes, I have heard of “tour groups” using this method. The person who has the DAS is present and is with the “tour guide”.


And that is why I would make complaints to Disney about this. They have to find out about it somehow.


wow, yuck! No thanks! “I’m NOT for rent!” :joy::rofl::joy::rofl: