People are crazy

I just found out that there’s some website selling $75 “concierge” services to get people RoTR BGs. :scream:
That seems shady AF.
I guess people will do anything for an advantage.
This is why we can’t have nice things.



It will get shut down very quickly. Companies tried this with both ADRs and FPP in the past. Disney will not allow it to stand

ResFinder is allowed because it is free.

Are you a Backsider?


Backside of magic podcast? No, it was brought up in a Facebook group for March travelers (not a liner group.)


Ah. Word is spreading fast then.

I estimate it has about a 30 day shelf life max.


I agree. Especially with spring break. People are desperate for park passes and BGs.

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On last family trip I didn’t go and was remote concierge for my family getting them 4th, 5th, 6th … etc FP+. It worked out great and they did say Thank you! :laughing: I’m sure people have done this type of assistance for a fee.


True, but there’s a huge difference between doing it for a few family and friends and building a network of hundreds of guests every single day. They have to be using a bot which must slam the Disney website at 7 AM.


Disney does not seem to be watching these bots as closely as in the past. There was a thread on chat the other day that MouseWatch is faster getting ADRs. MouseWatch is a paid service.

My counselor once said I’m a visual learner, so I may be a bit slow here but you mean at WDW you don’t have to be in park to get your boarding group? At Disneyland you have to be scanned in park to join.

Not anymore. As long as you have a ticket and a reservation for that day, you can pretty much be anywhere.


Crazy!!! I sure hope they don’t change that for Disneyland. That would really be nutso

And I’m sorry. I know how stressful just trying for one is. I’m the squirrelly one of the group so I’m not trusted with it.

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I wonder if they’ll re-think that off-property capability if bots are going to jam the system.


This will get shut down because the bot will have an unfair advantage over everyone trying to do it the right way themselves, is that basically correct?

I understand trying to fight for every advantage to get your trip the way you want it (to a point), but I blame people willing to throw money at this service instead of taking on the challenge to do it themselves. Tips are available here and lots of places, and if it’s just too hard, then they should get a family member or friend to do it for them. Wherever someone is willing to give their money, someone else will always be there willing to take it. I can’t really fault WDW for how it’s set up. I’m not sure there’s a better more equitable way with how supply and demand for the ride is.


Right now the morning BG drop is before the park opens, so they kind of have to allow offsite. It also stopped absolute hordes of people at rope drop, many of whom just left if they didn’t get a BG.

You do have to be on-site, with a park reservation (can’t hop over) for the afternoon drop.

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I personally wish they would sell a ticket with a guaranteed Boarding Group so we didn’t have to mess around with this nonsense on vacation.


Uh…WDW is very much onboard with the concept of paying extra to get your trip exactly the way you want it. Hard ticket events, VIP tours, club level FPs…so of course Disney fans will absolutely spend money when the free market finds a profitable solution to a limited resource.


I’m a willing ‘concierge’ for any liner needing an extra pair of tapping fingers.

I’ve done this before for FPPs and as a backup BG tapper.

I consider my payment as having the chance to be part of the magic even as a remote ‘man in the chair’ :laughing:


So it will get shut down because someone other than WDW found a way to profit off of something WDW is not charging extra for basically?


Yep. That’s how it’s mostly worked in the past, at least.

ADR bots only stopped when Disney stepped in, you used to be able to effectively “rent” a disabled person to get DAS access, and I’m sure many other examples of people finding ways to profit off of Disney loopholes.