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HI All,
Well this is it! We’re finally leaving for WDW in two days, DH, our two boys 5 and 6 and my Mom. This will be the boys’ first WDW trip. It’s actually our first real trip/holiday as family as well. No pressure you know…
I have been planning this huge endeavor since August and I already miss the planning! Cause you know, all set with TP’s, back-up plans and ADR’s etc. etc. Only one thing missing though: can anyone recommend a real good Pediatrician in the Orlando area? I’d feel much better knowing that if we’d need one, I won’t have to go look one up in a hurry or anything.
Thanks in advance,
Vanessa sooo excited

Sorry, can’t help with the Doctor but I wanted to wish you an incredible, smooth like jello, awesome trip!!!

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My daughter was ill on our trip in June. We called our doctor who said that Disney has their own clinic on Disney property. We went to the front desk (Poly) and they called the clinic, which sent a free shuttle to take us too and from the clinic. It obviously wasn’t ideal, it took hours and they didn’t accept my insurance, but it was nice that they have something available if needed. They even filled her prescription (antibiotic) right at the clinic.

If you want - I would contact / see your insurance website. Do some reviews and then contact a place to build a rapport. We have in the past just gone to Doc in the box places.

Hopefully you won’t need to see them.

We are going over seas and had to buy insurance for the trip - hope we don’t need to use it - but have it if needed.

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Thank you @Tigger613 and @FuzzyLumpkin for your input. We are travelling from outside the US so our insurance website, we had to take out a trip insurance with all sorts of extras, is not really of helpful on that front. I really was hoping for a recommendation though. If Disney has some kind of clinic, then I guess we should be OK if need be. Taking the preparedness bit too far…? :wink:
This it, tomorrow: Disney World here we come!! Yay!!! :sunny:

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Have an amazing trip!

have fun

There’s a CentraCare Urgent Care on Highway 192 by the 429, just minutes from Animal Kingdom. When my kids got sick one year while visiting, we called our insurance and they suggested we call our Ask-a-Nurse. When we talked to her, she helped us to find CentraCare and helped us assess if we needed to take the kids. We ended up not needing to. CentraCare will present you with a long wait but they will work for you in the case of a virus or bacterial infection, and the Celebration Hospital in case of an emergency.

Also, I guess there is the Disney Clinic, which I didn’t know about until a couple of weeks ago. That’s got to be helpful for those who don’t have their own transporation.

No suggestions for you on the pediatrician end, but I know what it’s like to be on vacation and suddenly need one. Hopefully you won’t!

Have a fantastic and safe trip!

Thanks all! I actually did end up needing a perscription, we ended up at a walk in clinic Buena Vista, which wasn’t bad. Than again all we needed was an antibiotic cream prescription and not an actual illness treatment or such.