Pecos Bill & Cosmic Ray's menu changes

Just got back from our trip. Had a great time but a heads up to folks about the new menus at these two MK quick serves. They were about a week old at our trip - and we heard grumbling about it from others in the parks.
Our 8 year old was chomping at the bit to eat at Pecos Bills - she LOVES that place with the burger topping bar.
There are NO burgers there anymore - for kids or adults.
Pecos Bill now has fajitas, rice bowls, burritos and I think some big salad. For kids it was a kid quesidilla, Uncrustable (gross) and some other option.
Our party split up and some went to Cosmic Ray’s b/c supposedly there they had kids burgers.
Nope. DD got chicken tenders there - but no burgers.
I forget what the grown ups got there - but they said it had changed a bit too.
I don’t mind changes - but I wish at Pecos Bill’s for example - that they had kept the kid burger and the adult taco salad.
I heard they were trying to make that one more like a Chipolte type restaurant.
They missed that mark. The fajita platter was ok - but we won’t go back there on future trips.
Bummed about the changes - at both.

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Hi @KeegMom.
Thank you for the update. That is so disappointing. I just read them menu yesterday and could not believe all the “cilantro rice”. Come on. I’m a very open minded eater, but, cilantro is one item that is instantly unappealing to many many people. I’m one of them. They’re blowing it. I appreciate the diverse options at the parks since there was a time when it really was all burgers/dogs/chicken tenders. But, this is taking it too far. :-1:

We enjoyed the changes at Pecos Bill’s with the exception of the kids menu. The kids quesadilla was pretty skimpy and plain. The fajita platters were fast food quality and a little dry but the topping bar made up for it. We aren’t Disney burger/hot dog eaters, though.

Can’t say I’ll miss the burgers; the ONLY burger in the MK that I like is on the LTT lunch menu. Pecos Bill is a legend from the AMERICAN Southwest, and although Mexican food is certainly part of today’s Southwest cuisine, it’s not really congruous with the Southwest of the 1800s. I think burgers and BBQ would fit the theme better. All that being said, I might be more likely to eat there now than before. I’ve only eaten at CRs once, and that was enough. If I’m eating QS at the MK it’s going to be CHH or SH.

At Cosmic Ray’s there are 3 different Bay’s with different Menu. So unfortunately the bay that sells the Chicken does not sell burgers but there is a Bay/station at Cosmic Ray’s that does sell burgers. Unfortunately you can not order items from the other Bay’s.

Example if you want chicken and another member of your party wants a burger you have to get in separate lines.

Hopefully that makes scene. But Cosmic Ray’s does have burgers.

Yup. Official menu backs up @KeegMom.