Peanut Allergy Warning At El Jardin Fiestas Enchilada

We have done this. Passed almond, walnut and macadamia. Failed hazelnut, so far (mild reaction thankfully). For my kid it makes a big morale difference but I know what you mean about depends on the personality. :slight_smile:


So glad to hear your daughter is ok!!

My DD7 is also allergic to peanuts. And I’ve had to jab her with an epi-pen once when she snuck a mini chocolate bar from the Discard Pile after a Santa Claus parade doled them out along the parade route. Not fun.

Disney was great with her allergy and it helped that I had it noted on all of our ADRs.
That made me feel much better than I did on our trip to Italy when I managed to memorize a mangled version of “she’s allergic to peanuts” for our dining.


Terrific! One of the ones my daughter is supposedly not allergic to is hazelnut, which made her jump for joy theoretically, at least. She doesn’t want to do the challenges, but so many kids have eaten Nutella sandwiches for lunch at school over the years, that news made her feel a little bit less risk at lunch when sitting at tables.


Me too. Especially with my food starting as an adult.

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