Peak Time Mobile Ordering

Let’s say you wanted to eat at Pym’s Test Kitchen or another popular restaurant at a peak time (noon-1pm or 6-7pm). How far in advance should you place your mobile order to get a pick-up time for your desired window?

Pym’s test kitchen was dropping in batches every couple of hours when we went (Bfast just after 8am, lunch just after 11am- parks officially opened at 9am, but unofficially DCA was opening Avengers Campus by 8:30 if not sooner most days we were there).

Not sure if they are still doing the drops in batches but the best advice I can give you is to check the app early & often and snatch up the time you want as soon as you see it. Also in the days leading up to your trip check in the app what’s available when. I just went into the app right now and see that Pym Test Kitchen is available for any window from 2:55-8:30pm. So you can see that info from home to help gauge what it might look like on your trip. Choose a day that has a similar operating hours (I think for right now all the days are the same operating hours, but just in case that’s not correct, I thought I’d add that).

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