Peak/Regular/Value and Crowd Levels

Do you think the crowd levels are affected by whether a park is peak, regular or value? I know (for now) that only applies to MK, but I wondered if MK was higher on a value day or if other parks are lower on value days? Anyone have any thoughts?

Disney has set those categories due to what they believe with crowds will be on those days. Disney doesn’t do crowd levels per se but they determine their slowest time and make that their value days and so on. I think mostly if you pick a value day, most of the parks should be fairly moderate to light crowds because those value days are usually on off times.

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Disney has adjusted their prices to try to even out the crowds. It apparently has worked to some extent. July doesn’t sound as crowded as it used to and October sounds like it has been getting quite busy.

I have been to Disney in Sept 2016 (value) and May 2018 (regular) and I have found the crowds to be comparable. I think Disney adjusts staff as well to help accommodate crowds.

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My concern is they will compensate on the ‘value’ days by having less staff and therefore, longer lines, making it like a higher CL day. Is it better to go to MK on a ‘value’ day or a ‘regular’ or ‘peak’ day? Our week has some of each in it. Of course, all this may change as I’m 6 months out, but I don’t know how much the Disney pricing will change, as people start buying tickets now.

I wouldn’t use Disney’s determination of value, regular and peak as a crowd calendar. So no, I would not base my park days on it.

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