PCH Grill

Hello Disney fans I’m so excited to be a part of this forum. I haven’t been to Disneyland since I was a teenager and as an adult I’m finally figuring out that wow Disney planning is pretty extensive am I right? I’m a single mom going with my two kids to celebrate my going back to college and graduating high school in July. This is my daughter second visit she went first with her grandma and this is my son’s first visit ever. My daughter is 11 and my son is 7. I have been trying to make everything perfect for this trip and one of the main things was that my kids wanted to meet Stitch. What I thought was great as I saw the PCH Grill Character Breakfast was that it featured Stitch. But I also read online that’s not really guaranteed for anyone character besides Mickey at this Buffet. So I actually wrote to the Disneyland team from my app to their email and they wrote me back. They congratulated me on my graduation and hope that I was going to have an awesome trip. They couldn’t guarantee that Stitch was going to be there but they could say that I could ask a cast member to see where he might be at the park. And then what was really great is they sent us a package in the mail and it was a signed picture for each of my kids from Lilo & Stitch and they even sent me a graduation pin. This of course was magical and itself and just great to have gotten that in the mail! Truly Disney is a magical experience from the booking till the end I think. Anyways what’s really disappointing me right now I was reading all the reviews on the PCH Grill and how terrible people are saying it is. Of course I’m not going to cancel my reservation but can anyone here tell me that it isn’t so terrible LOL? And further can I get some first time advice really since it’s been so long I’ve been at Disney on the best way to see everything and have a good experience. I will be there next week for 3 days I have park hopper passes I paid for maxpass and I got the lines app of course through this tool and touring plans. Any advice would be great and I’m really excited to see Disney as I’m sure you all are I’m really thankful for this tool and its really awesome to be able to talk to people about Disney. I think I’m really driving my co-workers and my family crazy! Another thing is is that my budget for the first day at Disney is $500 and then the other days following it’s only 300 and that’s just for food and souvenirs do you guys think that’s enough? Well thanks for your help have a great Disney day!

Stitch has always been at PCH in the 3-4 times we have gone, but Disney could at the last moment change that if there any scheduling issues (happens a LOT with in-park characters but is VERY rare for character meals). I have also never heard of anyone going & NOT meeting Stitch at the PCH Grill.

I actually quite enjoyed PCH all of the times we went so I wouldn’t cancel quite yet. The character interaction has always been great & the food good as well. We have had the characters come around multiple times even as this is one of the least busy character meals. The last time we went there were some tasty Tex-Mex bfast offerings that I quite liked that were a little different from standard Disney bfast buffets. They have probably changed the menu as the last time we were there was 2 or 3 yrs ago & they have done a lot of re-vamping of the food offerings around the resort. So if anything, it will be improved upon.

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