PB&J Shakes anywhere else?

Hi folks,

Is there anywhere besides 50s Prime Time Cafe where you can get the PB&J milkshake?

I am going to give up because it yielded 262 pages but the touring plans app has a search feature.

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The Fountain at the Dolphin


So the only one i see on that list is the Tune-In Lounge… which is the 50s Prime Time Cafe.

That is a picture from page one. You might find another on the list, there are a bunch of “make your own” I think at DS, but I didn’t look through all the pages.

As @kerrilux shared:

Touring plans only has the “make your own listed” but this is The Fountain.


I’ve never been interested in, and have therefore never closely examined the Swan & Dolphin… I’d never heard of The Fountain before now. That looks amazing!

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I love BlueZoo Lounge at the Dolphin for a light dinner. I think anyone looking at Beaches and Cream should also consider the Fountain.

Tangent: we were crushed by the Beaches & Cream transformation. Crushed is maybe an overstatement. Disappointed. I feel like charm was lost. For our April trip (that didn’t happen), we cancelled our Ressie when we saw the new aesthetic.

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I completely agree!

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The peanut butter, banana and jelly shake at Cowfish (Universal Citiwalk) is amazing!

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I just thought of you. Did you see this?

Disney Recipe: PB&J Milkshake from 50’s Prime Time Cafe

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No, I didn’t see this. Thanks for linking that, we’re doing that at home for sure!

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