Payment Due Date

Are payments for packages still due at 30 days out? I see that they are not charging cancellation fees, but I’m trying to stretch this as long as I can for my scheduled mid-June trip. I plan on cancelling regardless, but I feel that I’ll have more options if Disney does it for me. I’d prefer not to drop the remaining balance on my card even if it will be coming back off. I also have two date based tickets on there that I will need to do something with (probably convert to non-date based and try again next summer). Thoughts?

Payment is due 7 days before though reminder emails to pay at 30 days are going out automatically.

That should buy me some time.

I thought all tickets are date based now. But you can change the date on unused tickets. And if the parks are closed for your trip (and I’ve still not heard anything “more reliable” than the July 5th date for MK) then they will automatically be extended to Dec 15th.

Where did you hear July 5 for MK?

It was a well respected source who said something along the lines of “If I were a betting man I might put a wager on July 5th”. Nothing more, nothing official.

But this isn’t like predicting an opening date for a ride, because there are external factors at play. It was meant as a hint at the target date they were thinking of. A lot of people had been suggesting July 4th; he pointed out the 4th would attract crowds.

A lot depends on when Florida reaches Phase 2 and what guidelines and mandates they finalise on. WDW and Universal will be under huge pressure to open to help the Orlando area start. Airlines are even saying they need WDW open to ramp up flights to MCO, otherwise no one will want to go.