Paying with Magic Bands

For the sake of convenience, I am considering using my MB to pay for food and items at WDW next time we’re there, but I have a few questions. I think I know the answers, but I just wanted to make sure.

  1. When you charge to your MB, at the end of your stay do you receive a
    receipt listing each and all of the purchases or just a total

  2. Are you still given receipts for each of your purchases as you go?

  3. Can you arrange for your MB purchases to be automatically deducted
    from a gift card or a Dream Rewards card until those balances are
    depleted or do you need to reconcile your balance personally each day with your

  4. Can you still take advantage of the discounts you can receive from
    having a Disney Visa if you use your MB, or do you actually have to
    use your Disney Visa to pay for something when you want to get the

Yes individual charges , yes, no you need to go to reception with cards before you reach limit or it will be charged to credit card on file and you need to present / use your card at point of purchase for discount

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Thanks for your help. :+1:

I charged to my MB and paid off the room charges with Disney Gift cards. It should be done at night before the next morning when you check out.