Paying while using Tables in Wonderland

Silly question but when using my table in wonderland card, can I pay for meals with a combination of a gift card and cash? Thanks!

Yes you can.

Thank you so much. Tried calling Disney and was on hold for 20 mins before I gave up!

They’ll take your money however you can give it to them. Lol.

LOL- good point! Thanks again- appreciate it!

Make sure you have your ID with you as well. I always pay cash and I am asked for an ID about 75% of the time. I think this is to prevent sharing the card.

Good point- thanks for the reminder!

Yep. I was asked for my ID every time I used it.

Funny, is it a good or bad thing that I just realized that Crew’s Cup no longer asks me for an ID?

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Lol!! Do you have your own chair yet?

Bar, far left…

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