Paying Out of Pocket vs. Using/Saving TS Credits

First trip to Disney w/ family will be Sun 2/2 - Sat 2/8. So, staying night of 2/2, first park day is 2/3 (5 total) and leaving 2/8 (no park ticket on that day). Our guests are: Me, Wife, 5 yr old, 2 yr old (almost 3), mother in law and father in law.

Here is the question. My 5 yr old daughter is not a big eater. So, could we pay for her meal out of pocket for every TS meal which would mean that we would be saving one person’s TS credit for each meal? So, after 4 meals of paying for her food out of pocket, we would now have 4 extra TS credits which would mean one extra meal. We are already going to have to pay for our 2 yr old’s meals out of pocket since he has no ticket and therefore no dining plan meal.

Does anyone have any other ideas on how to maximize the TS and/or CS credits when you have 2 small children, one of which you will already be having to pay for out of pocket???

I think it depends on the cast member, but I don’t think they will generally allow you to use child TS credits for adults. There is a difference when it comes to TS. A child under three can eat off of the plates of others at the table so you don’t need to purchase a meal for the two year old, unless he is a big eater and you want to purchase him a meal. Maybe the two kids could share a meal?

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For QS credits, the is no designation for adult vs child. For TS credits, they are separated unless you get the deluxe dining plan. So you cannot use a child TS credit to buy an adult meal unless you pay for deluxe.

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You won’t be able to use the child TS credit on an adult unless you are doing the deluxe plan. Why not have your two kids share the meal? At buffets, the two year old can eat from the buffet but does not have to pay.

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As others said you can’t do this but do try and spend the QS in the most expensive/adult meals.

We went last year with kids the same ages, and the kids shared a meal every time. Every restaurant we went to had no problem bringing them each their own drink, a few let my younger son also choose his own entree.