Paying for plastic bags?

I’ve heard that the Disney stores are now charging for bags… no more plastic bags? Can anyone confirm? I should either plan to purchase a bag or bring something reuseable?

Also, does anyone know if the neighbouring stores, like DS stores or Walmart/Target or grocery stores are also charging for bags?


I was just in Hawaii and they now charge for bags everywhere…15 cents each. It seems to be a recently passed law. I suppose it is to help stop the over-usage. I can see Disney doing that too.

Disney announced a whole line of reusable bags in several designs and sizes. They are nice and ecological, but they are voluntary as far as I know. I have found no mention of charging for plastic and no obligation to purchase the new reusable bags.

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Disney is doing it to help save resources. In all the times I have been to WDW, there are many times I have been given a bag, sometimes a big bag when maybe a small one would have worked or none at all, such as when I purchased a hat that I was going to wear out of the store. We have had so many bags that they get wasted.
Think about this, cups have changes, no lids, no straws. Disney just put on line a new Solar Power Farm that can power 2 of their theme parks. Disney cares about the environment.


Here’s the link to the Disney Parks Blog article.

They’re another option, for now. I think they look like a useful keepsake, I can see myself buying one of each when we next go!


My wife already said she wants to buy one from each park, as they are all different.

I agree, I’ll probably get one or two just to have them, but I do want to be prepared if I have to bring my own or even have to bring these back when we’re shopping in DS.

Anyone know if the surrounding stores are charging, as well?

We’re driving, so it’s no big deal to throw in my awesome reusable Costco bag for groceries, but if I don’t have to, I won’t bother.

I don’t live near Disney (I’m closer to the city) but no big stores that I know of are charging for bags. But I mainly shop at Target, so I’m not sure about Publix. No new law here that I know of, but I might have missed something.

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Thanks. I’ve heard so many places are doing it. Anyway, if I have to pay, I have to pay. I use the bags for garbage and other things, not just to make more garbage.

Yes, no more plastic bags. The Disney store sells reusable bags, but you don’t have to buy them. I believe the parks are the same way. The last time I was at the Disney store, I put my items in a bag I had from another store. (Our Disney store is in an outlet center).

By the way, does anyone know how this works for items you pick up later at the front of the park or you send back to your resort?

Here in the UK (apart from a few exemptions) stores must charge five pence for a plastic bag but the money doesn’t go to the store, instead it goes to good causes and amounts to approx £80m per year. We’ve got used to it quickly and I actually enjoy collecting different bags from our travels. I’m all for Disney doing this, hurry up Disney!

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Was at WDW last week and they still gave me plastic bags for my purchases if I wasn’t buying a reusable bag at the same time. I did get a reusable one from each park and one that’s just WDW. Figure it’ll add some magic to grocery shopping

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No, not for groceries… other shopping, yes, but meat juice accidentally getting on your Mickey bag? :astonished::astonished:

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Oh no, we are not taking a chance with that! Potential gross items must be relegated to landfill clogging plastic. (Which get used for a multitude of other things.) But if I ever find Mickey Bars in our store I’m taking my chances and putting them in a Disney bag. It would just feel wrong to do otherwise.


If you don’t mind how much do they cost?

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Do the new bags have any way of closing the top, like Velcro or something? I was thinking I could use the smallest one as a park bag.

the reusable bags were $1, $1.50 and $2 when we were there in january

the small and medium are a decent size for most things, the large is quite big

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We may or may not buy them from Disney. But we already own this reusable bags that fold up into a tiny square that can literally fit into a pocket. So, I think we might be more inclined to just bring that with us into the parks and pull it out only if necessary.

If we end up purchasing something that doesn’t fit, we’ll buy one of the larger ones from Disney at that time. Although, I anticipate much of our shopping will be done at Disney Springs, where we can bring more options. (We already use reusable shopping bags for grocery shopping on a regular basis, so we’re used to that.)

That sounds very reasonable! What’s the betting that if they sell well prices will treble?

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Thank you that is a cheap souvenir.