Paying for ILL with a group

I am traveling with a group of friends who are friended on MDE. If one of us books a ILL for the group then does that person end up paying for everyone? Or can you pay separately?

The transaction is paid by the account that books it. So if you book it for you and your entire party, you will pay for all of it. If you want to each pay separately, you would have to book it separately under your respective MDE accounts.

Thanks for your reply. I was figuring that is the case but thought I would see if there was another option.
It’s not a huge deal but is one way that FP was a bit easier when booking for a group of friends.

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Doing anything with a group has turned into quite a challenge. Easiest is have one person pay for a make the ILL . 2 problems do come up. 1. There is a limit of 12. 2. If some of your group is off site you can’t get one for them. They have to purchase at park open and by then it is impossible to get the same time. With Rise yesterday 2 members of our group are off site and tried at 9 but it was sold out.

We have also had a lot of issues with not being able to make LL reservations thru Genie+. Even though we are all linked in family and friends there are random people you just can’t make them for. Have not been able to figure out why and again there is a 12 person limit. We have 16 of us.

Here’s an example. My nephew has 3 rooms with 12 people. He has no trouble making a LL for everyone in his rooms. But he can’t make one for me or his brother, we are not part of his resort reservation.

We have been trying to coordinate as best we can to get overlapping times by doing at the same time but that has not been easy or always worked.

That sucks. I’m sorry your trip is being negatively impacted like this. Every couple of years we travel as a large party, with as many as 30. Getting FPP for all of us was no walk in the park, but I was able to do it. It’s crap that a family group that large, spending a ton of money, can’t take advantage of G+ if they wanted to. I’m wondering if they’ll come up with a large group solution. I don’t want random strangers banding together to shirt the system, but when it’s a legit large party, I hope something can be done.

Yeah, there has to be an easier way. There are so many glitches in the system. Every time I go into “my day” it defaults to the wrong park.

Today it is saying my nephew is not eligible to make LL at 7am because he is not staying on property, as he is literally in a resort room trying to make a reservation

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stupid Disney IT