Paying and Tipping at Table Service Meals

I understand the tipping process and general amounts.

I am just wondering if you can tip with your credit card thats linked to your magic band? Or if I do cash, do we leave it at the table like regular restaurants?

I see people have recommended asking for the check as soon as you get drinks. Do you still get a check if you have a ddp and you made reservations?

On the DDP, you will get two receipts. One will show the cash cost of your meals and one with the same items listed but zeroed out. You can write in your tip amount and pay with your MB or a credit card. You can also leave cash. …easy peasy…

Does the dpp jnclude taxes?

Yes. Just not gratuity.

Great so if i just bring envelopes with cash for each sit down mea, that should work?

Cash is just fine.

Would you recommend asking for the check as soon as the drinks are delivered, So once your done you can leave?

I know that this works for many people, and I don’t think it’s seen as rude to do so. I say go for it.

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The servers are accustomed to that request. requesting the check early is not uncommon there.


I did the math for all my ADR’s and the tip total is under $100 - most of them being $10-15 range. Seeing how it’s a little more tip money than I originally thought it would be, I don’t think it would be silly charging those kinds of items to my MB/Card. I always hesitate on bringing cash places. If I use my MB, it would be like a regular dining place where I write in the tip amount on the slip & leave? I don’t have to bring my MB somewhere to verify the charge right? I just want to use the method that will work the quickest!

They bring a reader to you to scan your magic band.


Is there any where to see the balance you have added to the magic band/account without looking at your credit card account?

How many people are traveling with you? I travel solo and my tips are close to $10 per TS.

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It’s me and my 5 year old daughter. Maybe I was doing the math wrong? I guess paying with my card is a better idea, as I don’t want to low tip the servers by bringing too little cash!

Are you figuring 18-20%? You can just charged to your MB and then go to the Front Desk and put in the cash…

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The front desk should have a tally of your MB balances charged to your room. Then you can pay there (I think you have to do it before midnight before it gets charged to your CC).

This is probably a no-brainer, but I evidently lost my brain on one evening. Be careful when restaurants automatically add 18 percent for the gratuity. I received one such receipt and wanted to boost it up to 20 percent for our server. I crossed out that amount and wrote in the 20-percent amount. When I looked at my credit card statement, I had ended up tipping him 38 percent.

The auto 18% is for parties over 6 and Tables in Wonderland holders.

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We paid everything using our magic bands and didn’t take any cash/cards into the parks. I’m not sure what we would have done if our bands didn’t work somewhere, but we never encountered that problem.

It must be automatic a certain restaurants too. The incident I was referring to was for a party of two at H&V.