Pavilions at Epcot

Can you go in the pavilions that are connected to rides without going in the rides, Test Track pavilion, Spaceship Earth pavilion, Mission Space pavilion, etc.
I know the rides dump you out in the them, but wondering if we can take the kids in to them without riding.

Pretty sure the answer is yes. Test Track for sure - just enter through the shop; probably the same for Mission: Space. The only part I’m not sure about is if the Spaceship Earth doors open from the outside, but I can’t imagine that they wouldn’t. In any event you could just wait for someone to leave.

You can enter mission space pavilion through the gift shop.

definitely yes for Test Track and Mission Space. I’ve done it with kids too small to ride. I can’t answer for Spaceship Earth.

Ditto the above - but I can’t imagine that you CAN’T enter the “exhibit” area at the end of SE from the outside. Also, you can go into the Seas and look at all of the exhibits without having to go through the ride.

They have just regular doors that lead outside… just go through those.