Patient, Persistence in Getting Dining Reservations

Two months ago, I got what may have been one of the last dinner reservations at the California Grill for Thursday, Sept. 15. It was early, and could have been a problem if we were delayed in traveling to WDW. (Something must have been going on because there were few rooms available when I checked a few months ago.) I checked several times a week to see if anything had opened up, but it was all booked up. Then just a few minutes ago, less than 24 hours before we were to be there, I checked one last time. Lo and behold! A better time popped up. I grabbed it quickly. After confirming the new reservation, I canceled the earlier one. Now, we won’t have to rush to get to dinner if our plane flight or highway travel is an issue. It pays to be patient and persistent - and to never give up hope!


Yay! It definitely pays to stalk the website.



Cali Grill is one of my very favorites anywhere!

I’ve been chasing a ressie myself, for Topolino’s. With the help of a friend who was watching out for it for me at least as often as I was myself, I recently got one!

In my efforts to reassure myself that I would eventually get one, I got into the habit of checking each morning for same day, next day, and two days away availability. And almost without fail I found something on one two or three of those days. I also found that it was far more common to find availability for a table for 4 than for a table for 2. Silly, since all tables of four accommodate 2 but it seems Disney’s platform is looking at filling seats vs tables.

Many of the ressies I got in that time were a table for four. Almost without fail the system let me then modify down to 2 so I wasn’t taking more than I needed.

All this to say, if you’re out there looking for that elusive hard to get must have reservation, check in that same day, next day, two days away time frame and always look for various table configs. You’ll get that table eventually!!

Enjoy your dinner at CG. Get those won tons!!! I dream of them!


@OBNurseNH you are BRILLIANT! Just did your 4 top search for boma tomorrow night and low and behold, so many more options for dining times! Was able to modify down to two without issue. Thanks for the tip!


Just a little something I discovered in my own quest! Glad it worked for you too!!