Past AP Renewal Discounts

Buuuuuuuuuuut, if you save the cheapest for last then you feel like you’re sticking it to the man when you save all that money.

That said, probably doesn’t matter.

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New out of state platinum pass–$1273
Renewal out of state platinum pass–$1082–I can confirm this as I’m currently in the renewal window


Nice, thanks!
My $1,100 renewal guesstimate was pretty good then. :slight_smile:


We still have a few days each on Non-Expiring tickets that we bought long ago (like maybe in the last year that they were still selling that kind of ticket). Recently they’ve showed up in MDE as having a 2030 end date, but we’re so giddy with how much we saved compared to what tickets cost now that we almost can’t bring ourselves to use them up :joy:.


That’s so funny. We also had non-expiring tickets at one time. We don’t have park days left, but we do still have a few days of waterpark credits left. They never show up in MDE though, and it makes me nervous, so I always get a printout when I check out showing our remaining waterpark days! I didn’t know they were now assigning an expiration date to non-expiring tickets though! :laughing: