Passover 2016. 4/23-5/1/2016

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Passover 2016 is about a month later than Easter that year. My kids have off from school that week-4/23 to 5/1. I know the calendar doesn’t usually work out that way and was thinking (or hoping) that it might be a less crowded week since perhaps more people would be off for Easter in March or earlier in the spring?

I can’t remember the last time the holidays worked out this way. Anybody have experience at wdw during Passover when it’s not Easter as well??? How were the crowds?


Is this a break that your whole state or city will be on? I have been looking at the beginning of that week since Massachusetts will be on vacation (always Patriots day). New Hampshire will be during that window as well (always the week after Massachusetts). When MA break and Passover has been the same week in the past it has been a little busy (I would say 6s). The crowds have been so crazy lately. I have been in the world lately where they say it is a 4 or 5 but Small World had a 50 minute line so I just think you plan for crazy crowds and you may be pleasantly surprised if it is slow,

I just checked my dates. It was 2008 and as a Patriots fan I may never recover from the trauma. It was a couple of months after that catch and people were wearing offensive t-shirts (well offensive to Pat’s fans). It was a lttle crowded, but not crazy. Crowded enough that I have actually said, “maybe that would be a good time to go to DL for a few days”. I remember waiting to go into the 1st Lion King show of the day and being shocked at the crowd, not easter or spring break crowd, just surprising.

Edit to add: when you have two northern states like MA and NY with the same vacation week after a long, cold winter, you will have lots of people from NY and MA in the world at the same time.

Thanks! It looks like New Hampshire and NY schools are off 4/27 to 5/1. With Mass being off the week before. It seems most other states are off earlier in the month. So I’m hoping that it’s not TOO crazy. I’m used to being around a lot of New Yorkers!

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My family is going this week - we will be spending 5 days in Disney then Universal for 3 days. Trying to figure out which parks to visit which days