Passholder rates went down for July 4th week - saved another $96

Just a head’s up: I happened to recheck the AP rates for the week of July 4th, and they went down across the board, dropping RPR from $465 to $430/night, and Aventura as well. HRH also dropped by an equal amount. I rebooked both RPR and Aventura and saved another $96. Since I advance paid for the crazy high Express Passes for Volcano Bay for our last day, I’ll take savings wherever I can get them.

If you’re planning a trip around then, you should check back to see if rates got better. It didn’t look like the regular seasonal rates had moved that much, they were still above $700/night.

I guess I should just continue to keep checking back.


Nice!! I noticed the same for my week at the beginning of August. Considered using the savings to upgrade my room but decided to save the money.

I almost did the same then remembered how much these 3 nights are costing, and kept the savings. Especially as I decided to pay for EP for Volcano Bay.

I didn’t really want to move hotels for one night but the savings is significant. And we can walk to VB on our last day.

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Thanks for posting this. I called, and was able to get $80 off one of the two rooms we have booked. The second room wasn’t cheaper, so left that one alone. This was at Dockside Inn & Suites.


Oh. Actually, weird. The TM on the phone wasn’t able to find a better AP discount for our Dockside room (the 2-bedroom suite). But after I hung up and I looked on-line for the same room using the AP discount, it was $200 cheaper. So I just booked it as a new reservation, and then cancelled the original. Not sure why she couldn’t do it over the phone.

So, all said, this new AP rate saves us a combined $280. And that doesn’t include whatever savings my DS and DDIL can get on their room.


Woo hoo! So glad to hear! That’s a big chunk of change. Reservations must be lagging across their resorts.

I don’t always check back, especially as I felt lucky to grab the AP discount to begin with as I understood they go quickly.

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I made the mistake of looking at hotel rates the same dates and my (now canceled) camping trip. And now I want to go in 12 days.

Existing APH rates have been reduced for dates that are further out. I’ve seen PBH hotel for as low as $266.20 on September 25th.

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I’m seeing APH rates at some hotels until 12/25/2023.


Thanks for posting. I’ve been waiting for early December!