Passholder Previews for TSL?

Hi. Jumping back into the forum for our upcoming June trip. Any news on Passholder previews for TSL?

Nothing what so ever. A lot of people are waiting on this…

Anxiously waiting. I’ll be down there for work around the right time…

I’m chomping at the bit hoping to hear soon. We’re going down 6/21-6/27.

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Been away from the forum for weeks (very busy time). Any news on TSL Passholder Previews?

I will be there 6/21-22 myself!

No announcements from Disney and not even any solid guesses from the “insiders”. It’s a wait and see on all fronts…

I’d go one step furthe, and say the insiders are pretty much saying it’ll be down to the wire on TSL for completion.

They do have to test Slinky with real people on it at some point, to see how long it takes to load, unload etc. That might even be done with CMs only.

The chances of previews are looking slim to none. Possibly a day or two of soft openings.

Kind of what I’m thinking…

Just in the last day I’ve seen they are having serious issues with the A.S.S. ride. Not much detail available yet as to what exactly the issue is, I know the roof was causing problems earlier.

I suspect we might be getting info from the same place/source.