Passholder and Non-Passholder Staying in Same Room

I will be staying at Pop with a MYW ticket. The room is reserved for one guest. However, a friend who lives in Orlando will be joining me for a few days. They have an annual pass so they do not need a ticket. When I called to add my friend, the CM told me they would not be able to do it over the phone since it would charge me for 2 MYW tickets if they changed the reservation to two people. The CM said the front desk would be able to do it for me after I arrived. Has anyone had any experience doing this? I’m a little worried they might try and charge me a change fee.

Why would you put them on the res at all if they don’t need a tix? Why not split the cost of the room directly with one another?

Mainly for access to an extra magic hours night.

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Yes it won’t be a problem to add them on at the desk. Since you’ll be under the standard limit of adults there won’t be a fee. They can’t add them before because you are a booked under a package. If you are really concerned you could change your reservation to room only and get your tickets elsewhere.

Ditto @Outer1’s reply. I tried to add my AP holding adult DD to my reservation online and I couldn’t. They added her on at the front desk at checkin. They just needed to activate her MB for room access. Easy peasy