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At least 2 years for ours. We used a 2017 band a few weeks ago without problems.

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Technically, the RFID should last forever. It is powered externally by the tapstyle itself. Long range is not RFID, but uses Bluetooth, which is where the battery can wear out.

ETA: I realized after posting this that I wasn’t being entirely accurate. The tapstyles use NFC, which used for RFID purposes. But, Bluetooth can also be an RFID technology. Typically, though, RFID is used, as a term, for the NFC use cases most often, hence my inaccuracy. To clarify, then, NFC RFID for tapstyles should last indefinitely because it is powered by a magnetic field from outside the device itself…no internal power source. But Bluetooth RFID requires a battery, so it can wear out.

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I think 2 years is the minimum on the long range battery.

You can reuse MagicBands (they are associated with your MDE account/identity, not a specific trip), but you can’t switch who they are assigned to.

I hated having to keep track of and manage the tickets when we went to Disneyland, and I’m not looking forward to it at UOR (got everyone lanyards, though…so should be easier, still not as convenient as MagicBands though!!).

Where’d you get your lanyards? $10 at the disney store (based on what I can see on shopdisney makes it hardly worth going the cheaper route.

Great info, thanks for the conversation!

I bought Harry Potter lanyards off amazon for ~$5 each. There are extremely cheap lanyards available, around $1 each for basic black cords. I know office supply stores usually have inexpensive ones.

here’s a 5 pack for $6

I also got a pack of waterproof holders ($4 for 10 pack) since the tickets at UOR are paper, and will get wet. Not necessary with the hard plastic tickets Disney uses, the ones that came iwth the lanyards would have been fine.

Tip for managing tickets… bring some dollar store stickers with you to put a different one on each.


Bring a Sharpie and write everyone’s name on their ticket. You could also ask if they have different card faces for each family member.

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Last time we went, I wrote everyone’s name on their ticket with a sharpie so we wouldn’t mix them up. It wasn’t too bad. Although I took my DSLR an I just asked the photopass people to use that for our castle pictures etc, so I only really had to pull them out for fastpasses. I did lose $50 at one point and I think it was when I was trying to get them out and hold the baby at the same time. For our trip in May, I’ve gotten magic bands and I’m toying with the idea of the memory maker. The idea of tapping for access to everything including photos just makes me feel so free. However I do understand the feeling of having to pay so much extra for something that has a free alternative. I definitely suggest the sharpie and lanyards. And also definitely take pictures of each card’s numbers so if you lose them something can be done.

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Memory Maker share?

My sister is going the week after us, so I’m hoping she agrees to split it :slight_smile: Wanting to do this was a big factor in getting the magic bands, instead of messing with tickets every time we have pictures taken.

There are share groups that put 5-6ish families going around the same time together…brings cost down to about $30/family. I’ve done it twice and have just joined another group for our March/April trip.

Not sure they are technically legal per Disney policy, but very very common. (I’d recommend joining the Liner Facebook group for your month if you are interested).

I have heard of this. My concern is all the information that gets shared. I’m happy to just go halvsies with my sister, but I guess in the past she had trouble linking it to one of her family members and they almost lost photos? I don’t know the whole story, but she is reluctant. I wanted to buy it under my mom’s account, because she will be on both trips, so she would therefor automatically “link” the memory maker with both trips, but my Sister used a TA and had already booked everything when I brought it up.I’m sure it will work out.

Loving the answers, one more question.

With DD1 DD3 and DD6, then end of the day is likely going to be an unholy disaster (even with mid day breaks back at our place. Are there any decent spots to check out the fireworks that keep us closer to the exits. We obviously willing to compromise some view and enjoyment if it means an quick escape.
We’re driving a rented car to and from.

Disney Tourist Blog speaks highly of the . Ticket & Transportation Center Dock

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