Passenger drop off at Magic Kingdom?

I am planning to drive to MK. My brother walks with a cane and has mobility issues. Is there a place that I can drop him off at MK so that he will have a shorter walk? I know we can park at TTC in the handicap parking, but he would still have to walk to the boat or monorail and then from there to the MK entrance. I thought of getting us a reservation at the Wave so we could park at CR, but I think that is still a bit of a walk. He plans to rent a scooter once we get to MK, but I’d have no way to transport it in my car. I am staying offsite.
Thoughts? Suggestions?

Unfortunately, some walking is inevitably involved. There is walking to get to MK entrance regardless of whether you arrive at MK by boat, monorail, bus or from the CR.

The closest you can get to MK with a personal vehicle is likely the CR. Minnie vans drop off at the bus turn arounds at MK, but you are staying offsite, so, not available. And the walk from the CR is aboult .3-.4 of a mile.

I think your best bet for shortest walking would be handicap parking at TTC, with a short walk to the monorail, and then walk to MK entrance. The walk to MK entrance from boat dock or monorail are negligible and about the same…

Just my two cents worth…

Check out these scooter they come apart and can fit in most cars with ease. They only cost $25 a day and they last 12-14 hours on a single charge. also you could save 10% with this code: FB10-17

Thank you! I will check it out.

Another thought I use a bike rack that fits on the trunk of my car and I put my wheelchair on that. This way it does not use any trunk space. You can find free wheelchairs no Craig’s list every so often. You might be able to push him in the chair to rent an ECV then store the chair.

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