Party Ticket and FP

We have MVMCP tickets. I plan for us to go to AK in the early afternoon and use our 3 FPPs for the day. After we’ve used them, do you think we can make FPPs for MK (in the 4-6 time range)? We do not have hoppers. Thanks!

Someone more knowledgeable than me will surely speak up, but i think if you do it right you can schedule 3 MK FPP in advance with your party ticket in addition to your AK FPP.

I think that requires having the tickets linked to an alternate MDE account, which I was not smart enough to do before purchasing them :woman_facepalming:

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Is it not possible to transfer those tickets to someone else? I.e. a dummy account in MDE?

I’ve never done it so I’m just guessing.

You can make a dummy, link them, reassign, then unlink them, but then you have to get new RFID cards I think.

You would have to use two different accounts.

You can’t have more than three FPs pre-booked for one day, even if you have valid tickets.

And yes, you would need RFID tickets to use them.

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