Party of Two or a Single August 11?

Anyone in the world on august 11 that is JUST a party of two, no kids under 16, that isn’t going to Disney after hours that night? (Or a pair of solo travelers)

We have a bit space left for an epic adventure…starts around 2pm. Will be very fast paced, lots of walking and lots of riding. Not sure if there will be drinking, but it’s a possibility. Park hopper required.

Shoot me a PM. First come first served…no financial commitment (except you buy your own food!). Just trying to spread a little liner love. :grin:


Awwww! That’s my birthday! Too bad I’ll be in Washington DC. You are great for offering this!!

Sure wish I was going to be there Julia, that would be a great day!

I’m intrigued! And I’m in WDW on the 11th. Could you tell me more?

Please PM me if you are interested in more information. :grin:

I know Karen! We have to coordinate a WDW trip one of these times!

Hoping to see you at Disneyland this month. Hoping I’m not dead after our 3 day two night adventure next week! Eeks. (I really need to have some down time before we fly out on the 9th. Trying to carve some out…gahhhhhh)

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Sent you a PM. Definitely interested!

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I’ll be at the beach, otherwise I would totally be in!

Thanks to the players who have contacted me so far. For now we may be full, but if things change I’ll put up another post.



Sounds exciting for you and a few lucky liners… we want a TR once it all goes down!

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