Party of 7, split in two, and FP

There have been similar questions asked, but I’m not sure this exact scenario.

When we go in May 2020, my son and daughter-in-law may be tagging along. They will fly down, rent a car, and stay with us. But since their schedule of events will likely be different from ours (particularly the that for us, getting to the parks at RD is normal, but my daughter-in-law is more the “we’ll get there eventually” kind of person), I think we’ll just want to have separate MDE accounts so that we can schedule our FPs apart from them.

Thing is, I think we would want to do SOME FPs at the same time. Can this be pulled off easily? Like, for example, let’s pretend we hit the jackpot and got a FP for FoP at 9:00 am, then Dinosaur at 10:00, and EE at 11:00. But they know they wouldn’t be there before 10:00 am. It would be nice if we could coordinate getting the EE FPs at least, but then let them get their own remaining two FPs whenever they want.

I’m not sure I see how this could be done without just a lot of luck and coordination at the moment we can schedule our FPs.

Can’t you just add them to your friends and family list on MDE and then select them when you pick some FPs?



Have 2 separate MDE accounts, link as family and friends.

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Okay. I’ve never done it, so I didn’t know there was such a thing. Sounds like it is covered, then!


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For each FPP you schedule, you pick who is part of that FPP. So for joing FPP you would pick everyone, and for the others you’d skip them. The one downside is you won’t get to see the FPP is at 9 and then deselect them as you pick the number in your party prior to seeing the times.

Not sure I understood that part.

You won’t know the times that are available before selecting or unselecting people in your party.

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As opposed to what? I thought you have to do that, regardless. (It has been two years since we did Fast Passes, so I don’t recall the way you actually do it in the app.

To use your above example, you might say you wanted FOP at 9am and your son won’t be in the park, so you deselect him and your DIL. But it turns out you actually couldn’t get FOP till 12 so they would be in the park. You’d have to go back and select them again. Or alternatively just book them all for everyone, and modify the ones where they wouldn’t be in the park later.


Ah. Okay. That makes sense. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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I would do this.

Book FPs for everyone, then whatever you don’t think they will make, go back and cancel for the people who won’t be coming to that FP.

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Thanks. Makes sense