Party of 6

How hard is it to get ADRs (during free dining) or FPP for a group of 6? Also, if I book an ADR for 6 and two people decide not to go at the last minute, is there a penalty?

I have never booked for 6 so I cannot answer that part of your question. As long as one person shows up there is no penalty.

We have 5 in our family (6 with my friend coming with us next trip). I have never had a problem getting ADRs at 180+ or FP’s at 60+ for the 5 of us. We have gone for free dining in September and regular season in May.

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We are a group of 6 and have gotten ADRs and FPP for 6 easily at 180+/60+.

I will note that I’ve found it more difficult (not impossible) to modify ADRs for 6 closer to the date. So if you have more than one possible scenario for your plans, I’d book for both options 180 days out as opposed to modifying when you decide.

The restaurants are set, the only issue is if my mom and sister decide to skip a meal or two when we are there. Probably won’t know until we are on the trip. Do you mean that I should book for 4 and 6? Can I just call and ask them to take two people off our reservation or would we lose our reservation?

No, just book for 6. If your ADR is 6, and 4 show up, it is fine. We have done that before.

I meant if you have two possible itineraries for your trip to book for both options. Like if you are waiting until they announce EMM dates to decide if you are going to HS or MK on a certain day for example. If you go to HS that day, you want to eat at HBD but if you go to MK, you want CRT that day. In that scenario, it is better to book HBD and CRT for the day and then cancel one of them after you have FPP and solid plans, as it is more difficult to get ADRs for 6 much closer to your trip for the popular places.

That makes sense! Thank you!

I had no issue getting what I wanted for 6 and we missed our 180 day and were off site so 30 days for FPP.

That being said, I used a PPO BOG to deal with 7DMT so did not need a FPP for that one, and FOP was not a priority this trip.

Had lots of SDFP success. With a group of 6, just make sure you understand how to do the overlapping fastpass times. It also helps if a couple other members of your party have MDE on their phones so that they can search with you.

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I booked multiple ADRs for both a party of 6 and of 7 as an off-property guest 180 days out and had no problem with getting every place we wanted.

Some times were not ideal by maybe 30-60 minutes, and I changed my mind on a few locations, so I’ve been using the touring plans dining reservation finder, and it has been AMAZING. We are about two weeks from our trip and I’ve updated every reservation to a time that is great for us - and I only set up my requests a week or two ago!

Here’s the link if you are interested in trying it:

That’s great news—I’ve had a reservation finder set for Storybook dining for 6 since October, I actually set it up the day they opened reservations for that location as I could only get 8 pm but was hoping for 630-700ish. Not a single notification. Made another reservation finder about a month ago for 4 for same place/day and have gotten 3 notifications. An ADR for 4 won’t help me but I was wondering whether TP was actually checking-LOL Not giving up yet, still have 39 days…

Doesn’t hurt to check, especially with technology ;). I also set up Storybook Dining the day it opened, for a table of 6, but it took checking the site, calling, and then checking the site again to finally get one! It was strange, maybe just overwhelmed that day. Ours is at 5:35, and I would slightly prefer 6, so I set up a reservation tracker a day or two ago. Definitely not a huge time difference, but if I get an alert I’ll let you know there’s no glitch!