Party FP

I am just learning about having 3FP to go with my MVMCP tickets and I have a few questions.
1- Can I get FP4+ with this ticket? I am now queen of tap/grab/modify thanks to these boards. If I book 3:30/4:30/5:30 and modify the 4:30 and 5:30 I could potentially grab another FP before getting locked out by party time?
2- Can I make my party FP a little earlier? If I do 3:05-4:05 I’d officially be in the party window and legal. I will already be in the park that day on a regular ticket so I don’t have to worry about getting from tapstyles to my FP in time.

Yes and yes
My party FP will be booked for 9am,10am,11am. I too will enter that morning with an AP. I will book two 4th FPs with both ticket media before I leave for the afternoon break.

You know your party ticket must be on a dummy MDE profile, Right?

Yes. I did learn that. I ordered party tickets from UT and they aren’t here yet so not linked to my main MDE.
Can I link my dummy MDE to my main MDE and use my onsite reservation?
Other option is I have a one night reservation at AoA on party night that I could link to my dummy account but I’m worried my FP will get scrubbed out when I cancel it. (I am holding out for another one night to pop up so I can make it a split stay with two nights at Pop and two at AoA. Not holding my breath because it’s a holiday weekend and Jersey week.)

Yes you can link them if you want or you can just create dummy profiles on your primary MDE account. Your dummy profile must be a guest on a onsite resort stay to make FP for the party ticket. The umbrella does not work with party tickets.


Hmm. Just thought of a random question. My dummy profiles and my real profiles each have FPP booked on party day. My dummies will not have scanned in to the parks that day but will be using FPP. Will my account get locked during the overnight scrub?

You will have to scan your party ticket at some point to get the special wrist band. You can either do this to enter the park or inside the park at one of the special locations. So no, your dummy account should not get locked because it will be scanned prior to the overnight sweep.

Thanks. We have one more park day after the party and if my FOP FPP got eaten in the sweep…