Parts of AK to close early on Sept 18th

Those of in the World right now probably already know this, but just in case…

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Shame on Disney for this one … I don’t even see it posted on tomorrow’s daily schedule.

I wonder if they even retracted the FPPs they had issued?

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They did, some got earlier times, others got anytime ones.

The park hours didn’t change, although there should be some way of noting these kind of changes.

I think there are other similar dates for AK, and the 4th Dec for SW:GE (media preview event).

This kind of thing just makes me angry.

Disney expects their guests to plan their trips 30, 60, 180 days, 7 months, and/or 11 months out for various purposes. They should have the decency to do the same for their guests!


I’ve already posted about this issue here, and I agree with you 100%: