Partial day tickets

Disney is now offering partial day tickets, they are for admission after 12:00pm only. How do you think this will affect crowds in the mornings? Does anyone think this will be a popular option?

It doesn’t save much, and I don’t think it will affect people who plan. I think it may appeal to people who expect they wouldn’t arrive until later in the day, but it doesn’t seem to be appealing to many that I’ve encountered. I don’t think it will do anything to crowds, really.

But the question is how many people really plan. Most people still view a trip to WDW as a vacation and want some R & R.
4 days of mid day/one park tickets start at $74 and full day/one park start at $101…A savings $108 and the latitude to sleep in without feeling you’re missing out is attractive.
On our last visit in May since my DD19 had just finished her sophomore year at university, she needed her rest. Coming from CA, I was fighting the 3 hour time difference. We would have liked a reduced price since we never got to the park before 11:45am. Even with the lack of morning time at the parks, we still enjoyed everything we wanted in the parks.
Our only gripe is earlier closures (closing less than 2 hrs after the sun goes down!) but we got around that by scheduling dinner close to park closing or later at DS.

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I don’t think they’ll have a massive impact.

But they may be popular with certain groups. Those who stay frequently but don’t really visit the parks much. Especially if they’re bringing friends with them. Maybe golf widows / widowers, or some who come down for the various competitions that happen.

Or people who just know they won’t be at the parks until later on. Thinking back to when we first visited with our boys, we stayed offsite and rarely arrived much before 11:00am. Might have made sense then, other than the U.K. ticket offers of course.

I don’t think they’re a good choice for first time guests or anyone wanting to do Mk during party season.