ParkSavers tickets

I need tickets for Feb 2017. are only selling tickets thru 2016. I emailed them and got response that I must select redemption date of Dec 31, 2016. And I can change redemption date to my date on MDE. Does this sound legit? I’m hoping Len will weigh in here.

I’ve used ParkSavers multiple times (like 3 or 4) to purchase multi-day tickets. In my experience ParkSavers will email you the ticket numbers a few days after you place your order. You add those numbers to your MDE account, link them to a person and you are good to go! I don’t think the dates that you are attending matter as long as you don’t intend on picking up the tickets at will call -they don’t explain this on their website clearly.

I was actually coming on here to ask the same question. I’m going in Jan. 2017 and the deal ParkSavers has for the 7-day hopper ticket is the best I’ve ever seen.

I contacted Parksavers about that redemption date a while ago.
Their response: “Once you have linked your ticket to MyDisneyExperience, the redemption date no longer applies. We mention December 31st 2016 only because our voucher system’s calendar only goes that far in advance.”
I bought the tickets then and linked them in MDE. We will use them in January 2017.