Parks in a certain order, or follow crowd app?

I’m a long ways out - going in April 16 - but going to try for reservations when 180 days rolls around. Looking at the crowd calendar, it looks like MK/EP/MK/EP/HS/AK would be best, but does that have us leaving on a flat note? Going to try for Tusker House character meal for that park. Other special events would be akershus meal, and BBB for youngest (and considering a private fireworks boat.) should I pace differently?

Crowd calendars will definitely change, but a great touring plan is always the most important thing. Ifyou would prefer to end in another park, do it.

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I always pick the order I want (I know rebel that I am). To me I can have a great day regardless of the crowds because I always have a plan.

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So, my next question would be if the crowds weren’t the deciding factor, how would you do a 6 day, non PH visit? Two daughters will be 6&10.

I would do MK/EP/HS/MK/AK/??. OR MK/EP/AK/MK/HS/??, where ?? is decided on the fly.
HS & AK are both great parks but also the ones you will most likely be quite satisfied with after a one-day visit, so I’d put one of them on the second last day. Guess at your FPPs and ADRs for your last day, but be prepared to completely change your plans a day or two before to suit your crowd. Lots of ADRs will come open last minute.
(Our last day was supposed to be HS for am EMH, but turned into pool/DisneyQuest/Epcot supper and evening that we arranged at 11 pm the night before…)

I would start and end with MK. Maybe, MK/EP/HS/ AK/??/MK- that way your second to last day is for what park you want to do again.

My thoughts exactly. If you don’t care about optimization of your park day order, and are concerned about ending ‘flat’ as you say (although AK is one of my favorite parks- just answering from your point of view), then this is the way to go.

That looks good - the last day of MK is a 7/10 (and knowing it will change, of course!) and maybe by then we will be conditioned to lines. :wink:

I have no “predesigned” concept of what order I tour the parks; I go strictly with predicted crowds and AM EMH schedules. When I have the luxury of 5 park days, I plan a full day at each park and a split day between MK and EP. If I have my more usual 4 park days, I do a full day at MK, EP, and AK, and a split day with DHS in the AM and EP in the PM. I love AK, so it is never a “downer” to end there, but if it does fall on my last day, I’ll typically hop to EP or MK for the evening (and occasionally, both, depending on park hours).

Of course 6 years from now when Pandora is open at AK and Toy Story and Star Wars Lands are open at DHS, touring strategies may change…