Parks Busier than predicted

Seems like the parks have both been busier than previously predicted for most of this month (usually by 2-3 levels) and I was wondering if anyone had any theories as to why. I’m headed to the parks next week and curious if I should expect more people as well.

Looking at the weekly UOR crowd reports, for the past 3 weeks the predictions have been pretty good, so perhaps the models have adjusted to current conditions. In fact, last week was almost dead on.

Oooh…thanks for the link, I do like the comparisons (last week not up yet). I was looking from day to day going backward thru the lines wait times and noted that the park crowd levels were generally higher; I guess it was mostly over the last week and a half. More pronounced at USF. Not sure if it has as a dramatic effect on actual ride wait times. Was curious if Mardi Gras or 3d Holiday weekend was having an effect on numbers of people coming into the park. Or if people are using this prediction system to come at less crowded times. Or if people finally unburied themselves from the great snow a couple weeks ago… :snowflake: